Meet the Nigerian Air Force K-9 unit with their special operations dogs (See Photos)

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The Nigerian Air Force K-9 Unit was established in 2016, and continues to grow steadily.

The unit is the first and only one of its kind in West Africa.

The NAF has a set of defence canines that are stationed across several bases, deployed with their human counterparts. Their ranks are given as a sign that the dog should be trusted.


The Nigerian Air Force last year commenced intensive training in South Africa for highly specialized Canine Unit (K-9 Unit) operatives. The training programme is to enhance the NAF’s Special Operations, Explosive Ordinance Detection (EOD), drug detection capabilities.

They are trained to cover tracking, rappelling, waterman-ship and other special terrain exercises, meant to equip operatives with the skills necessary to execute a variety of missions alongside the NAF Special Forces (SF).

Through these exercises, K-9 Units has become a critical components of SF Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), where their skills would be used to rescue downed aircrew in conflict zones and other high-risk environments.

NAF K9 unit's special operation dogs

These special operations dogs are trained for maximum versatility, and will also likely be deployed to support the search and rescue efforts of emergency responders in disaster-relief situations in the West Africa region.

The Nigerian Air Force received 21 special operations dogs in August 2019. The K-9s were Inducted for military operations in Bauchi on February 2020, bringing to 2, the number of K-9 Wings under the NAF 057 Provost Investigation Group.

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