Furious DM's Of Messi And Ronaldo That Prove They're More Identical Than You Care To Admit

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Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are two of the greatest players of all time. Since their first meeting in the 2009/10 UCL final, the two ignited one of the most entertaining, fierce, and remarkable rivalries ever to be witnessed in sports. These two share an astounding 12 Ballon d'Ors between them.If this doesn't startle you then this will. Messi and Ronaldo have won a joint 69 trophies making them the most decorated footballers ever.

The two players have very different playing styles and personalities. Ronaldo is the most outspoken of the two while Messi is known to be very humble. However, a recent occurrence has proved how similar the players can be without even them realizing it.

Well, recently Jamie Carragher a renowned pundit came out to reveal some weird truth about the Argentine. The pundit confessed to having criticized Messi's transfer to PSG calling the move poor. Messi didn't take kindly to this and he sent Jamie Carragher a DM on Instagram calling him a 'donkey'.

Ronaldo's case isn't far off from Messi's. An Instagram account that goes by Transfermarkt happened to analyze Ronaldo's transfer fee in comparison to players in the Portuguese age group. Christiano was not at all pleased by this evaluation and the price tag that they had set for him. So Ronaldo went ahead and blocked them.

Both incidences have one thing in common. They both prove that both these G.O.A.Ts get very defensive whenever anyone tries to undermine their worth and proficiency. Messi has grown to be more vocal and outspoken while Ronaldo continues to be the badass that he always is.

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