“Congratulations,” Raburu Welcomes His Newborn Bbay


Citizen Tv presenter and Hot 96 radio host, Willis Raburu, has finally welcomed his new born baby.

The overjoyed Tv personality took to his Instagram stories and posted his hand while holding the hand of his newborn baby.

However, Raburu is yet to disclose the gender and even the face of his baby.

Earlier in the day, a follower of blogger Edgar Obare alias Tea Master took to his DM to reveal to him that indeed Raburu’s new woman called Ivy Namulindwa who is of Ugandan origin has given birth.

According to the screenshot posted by the Tea master, his source revealed that Ivy gave birth at Nairobi hospital yesterday.

“Willis Raburu got a baby yesterday at Nairobi hospital. We were rolled into theater almost the same time and both his and my baby were rolled into the nursery at the same time and he was there,” Obare’s source revealed.

Raburu and his ex-wife Marya Prude finalized their divorce on April this year following their nasty break up which found its way into the public domain.

Barely two weeks ago, photos of Raburu and the heavily pregnant Ivy leaked online and that’s when his followers and fan discovered that indeed Raburu had moved on.

On the other hand, Raburu’s ex-wife has disclosed that she is yet to move on onto another relationship even after finalizing their divorce.

The new born baby comes with a lot of joy for Raburu who has lost their unborn baby with the ex-wife a thing that many have speculated might have been the major contributing reason for their separation.

Congratulations to Raburu and Ivy on the birth of their baby.

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