ENCA Loses Yet Another Presenter/ Anchor

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Shahan Ramkissoon is a prominent news anchor on eNCA. He has been with the channel for more than a decade now. He is known to some for holding politicians accountable, especially when it comes to challenging them on allegations of corruption.

He has been a field reporter and anchor for 16 years and has also worked in London and New York as a correspondent and show host.

Tonight he revealed that he will be leaving eNCA after an amazing experience and amazing journey he has had. He says that the past 12 years has helped him to grow professionally and personally. He says he will continue working with eNCA whenever possible, as it is his home. It is not clear where he is headed to as yet

A number of anchors and reporters have left eNCA for other news channels. Some left and never returned, but there ae some who came back to the news channel after leaving.


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