Fire Outbreak Alleged To Occur In Aso Rock villa, Presidency Reveals The Truth


As we all know, it is no longer a news that unusual things happen in the country. Many things happen even in where no one expects. And when people claim that one bad thing or the other has happened, people believe them immediately even if it is a false news because everything is possible in Nigeria.

It has been rumoured that there was fire outbreak in the Aso rock presidential villa on the 6th of March. Expectedly, This news has gone beyond the presidential villa and into many places, known and unknown. But the presidency has risen up to give us the real story about this pseudo news.

Garba Shehu, one of President Buhari's media aides, said that the viral news about the fire outbreak was nothing but lies. He claimed that "people in the country and even abroad have been expressing concerns over reports of a fire incidents in Aso rock, the seat of the Nigerian government. I would like to clarify that there was no fire inside the presidential villa".

He also claimed that there really was an inferno but not in the presidential villa but in a nearby bush. He made this clear in his statement:

"In the evening of Saturday, march 6, fire broke out burning shrubs between the outer wire fence and walls surrounding the villa, precisely in the area between the villa and the barracks, towards Asokoro.

The fire, as being speculated might have started from a passerby dropping a burning cigarette. The federal fire service will ascertain the reason for it when they complete their investigation."

This statement shows that the rumoured news about the Aso rock for outbreak is false rather it only occurred in a bush around the presidential villa.

What do you think about this update, do you think that Shehu was only covering up, or so you think that he was really telling the truth. What is your opinion, comment below.

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