Eagle Prophet Shares Another Prophesy On The Swearing In Of The Next President-Elect.

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When it's time for the election in Ghana and I presume many other African countries, men of God come out to share their prophecies on what they have seen ahead sometimes it is a caution, and sometimes it's some information for the general public.

Well, the Overseer of God's Crown Chapel, Reindolf Oduro Gyebi who is popularly known as Eagle Prophet has revealed that Ghana will not swear in the next president on January 7th for the first time after the 2024 elections. He refused to give details on this and said that he would be sworn in on a different date. Ghana is going to hold its next presidential and parliamentary elections in 2024 and it shouldn't come as a surprise if prophets come out to share what has been revealed to them.

He said this in an interview with a Kumasi radio station. We look forward to seeing if is prophesy comes to pass or not. What do you think about this prophesy? Click here to watch the video.

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