A pastor shares his experience as a cultist in school that nearly ruined his life before he repented


Most times, learning is better understood and assimilated when a victim shares his experience. A lot of people have been through the route that many people are adviced to stay away from but they won't listen.

Cultism is one of the major problems affecting the youths and that is why anyone who is found guilty is severely punished to prevent him from getting other people involved.

This pastor who identified himself through his Facebook profile as pastor Oluwasegunfunmi has revealed with advice how he was initiated into a cult after he got admitted into the University.

It is obvious that cultism is likely on the highest number at tertiary institutions because of the level of independence life practiced there unlike a secondary school where a teacher has rights over the student's welfare.

This pastor pointed out many ungodly things that people get themselves into during the process of initiation which according to him is called passing through the devil's passage.

He equally revealed that people who are initiated into this ungodly acts are most times forced to sleep in the cemetery with many other dirty things they do.

But to the glory of God, he was captured by the spirit of God which made him change his ways and today, he is proudly preaching to the young people that cultism kills.

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