"Why Issue Wheelbarrows Then?" - Kenyans Question as DP Ruto Posts This After His Meru County Visit


Ahead of the 2022 general election, Deputy President William Ruto has been visiting various parts of the country selling his agenda for the 2022 Presidential bid.

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Through Hustler Nation, DP has been known to be giving wheelbarrows to Hustlers to support their Hustles and hence the slogan of the party he is associated with 'Kazi ni kazi' with a wheelbarrow as it's symbol.

After a visit of Meru County on Friday 5th, Deputy President William Ruto has made a post that has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans who have condemned his sentiments.

After launching a Multipurpose Hall and Library at the Kilalai Secondary School in Igembe South, Meru County, DO Ruto has stated that Quality education is the passport to full and vibrant participation in economic growth.

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"Quality education is the passport to full and vibrant participation in economic growth and creation of wealth. Improving access is, therefore, vital to the future of the nation," Ruto's post read.

Kenyans online have slammed the DP after his sentiments questioning why he is issuing wheelbarrows while emphasizing the need for quality education which he says is the passport to full participation in economic growth and creation of wealth.

Below were some of the reactions of the netizens to Ruto's post;

"Then give them a wheelbarrow after a good study!" - Mathew Manyouka

"You dare talk about quality education while you believe in issuing wheebarows." - Nyakwar Helena

"Do you really understand What quality education entails because you are the same individual who was dishing out wheelbarrows to the university graduates." - Alinoor Koru

"You want to give our children wheelbarrows with their good education and your children big jobs?" - Alfred Orek

"Quality education when you called teachers "watu wa a e i o u" such a clueless fella!" - Ogetto Jnr

"But baada ya shule we unleash them in job market where we hire based on what is not your last name...and in business environment where tenders are awarded based on one's last name....right?" - Omosso Omosso


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