"Why Aren't The Teachers Already In Jail?" Reactions After A Child Dies In School


A “serious illness” has no common technical definition. The Family and Medical Leave Act provides a good starting point in that it defines a serious health condition as any injury, illness, impairment or condition that results in either inpatient medical care or ongoing treatment with a health care provider. Basically, a serious illness can be thought of as any illness that is not quickly and easily cured or an illness that human body cannot fix on its own in a fairly short period of time.

As I was going through my Facebook page I came through a very sad post of a child who died due to unclear circumstances.

"A distraught couple in kayole are looking for answers after their Eight year old daughter was found dead under unclear circumstances.

The eight year old by the name Michelle Jennifer had reported to school on Wednesday but didn't return home in the evening sending her parents into panic."Part of the post read.

An unlawful omission is defined in Kenya’s penal code, section 202 (2) as an omission amounting to culpable negligence to discharge a duty tending to the preservation of life or health. One can be found guilty of unlawful omission if the court finds there was no intention to cause death or bodily harm.

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