The 4 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate.


Chocolate is among the snacks people love to eat. But it is good to know that not all chocolate packs are beneficial to our health. The one that is highly recommended is the dark one. You can also look for chocolate that has about 70% or greater cocoa content. They all play the same roles in our body. These are some health benefits Dark chocolate has.

It contains Antioxidants. Antioxidants help repair body and prevent your body from being damaged by free radicals. Free radicals are dangerous as they can play part in cancer, stroke, heart disease and other diseases of aging. Of course, you can obtain more antioxidants from eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, but a little chocolate is a good supplement.

Dark chocolate has Anti-Inflammatory properties. Some recent research also suggests that dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties. How does this work? As microbes in your intestines break it down, chocolate produces flavanols, which, overtime, can cause blood vessels to dilate, improving blood pressure.

Dark chocolate is a Natural Cough Suppressant. Theobromine, the alkaloid that may be responsible for some of the pleasure you get from eating chocolate also suppresses the vagus nerve, which allows it to work as a cough suppressant.

Dark chocolate may Reduce Risk of Heart Attack. According to research, dark chocolate consumption reduces blood platelets aggregations, which in turn reduces the likelihood of a blood clot forming, thus reducing a major cause of heart attack.