Lawyer Reveals When Sunday Igboho Would Return To Nigeria

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Following the arrest and detention of the Yoruba Nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho. The activist has spent over one month in the custody of the Benin Republic government. He was arrested in Cotonou on July 19. One of his lawyers, Olusegun Falola has revealed when the activist would return to Nigeria.

Sunday Adeyemo Igboho (Photo credit: Google)

According to the lawyer, he said Igboho's detention is a blessing in disguise. However, he said Sunday Igboho is staying underground for now. He noted that the Yoruba activist would return to Nigeria when Buhari leaves office.

Lawyer Falola said in an interview that Sunday Igboho was cheated because he didn't commit any offence and the Nigerian government didn't show any evidence against him, there are no criminal charges against him in the court. So, the court ordered that the activist should be kept in prison for further investigation. However, the court granted him access to medical treatment and access to see his family. Nigerians should be thankful for that, the lawyer said.

The lawyer added that once the government release him, he will seek asylum from France, Germany or any other country, he won't come to Nigeria until when Buhari leaves office.


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