Popular Citizen TV Actor Simba Celebrates His Birthday As He Turns 14 Years, See Some Of His Photos

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Ryan Mwenda is a popular Citizen TV actor and his breakthrough came when he took part in Zora series which is currently the leading local drama show in Kenya. Apparently, many people know him by his stage name Simba and he's one of the young people who have managed to carry themselves out properly to an extent that they have been spotted by several entities which seriously want to work with them and put their talents into use. In the show, Simba acts as the child to Zora and Fella but most of the time he sides with his 'mum' in the series. Today was actually Simba's big day and he was celebrating his birthday. Simba is actually turning 14 years of age and to him this is one of the best he has ever had in his life. Simba claimed that every day he tries to apply the quality of his acting name in real life and he has gained a lot ever since he got to be an actor. Happy 14th birthday Simba.

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