How the Omicron Virus Found Way in Uganda, That Kenya Should Learn From.

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The discovery of the omicron virus of the corona virus in Uganda has created tension not only in Uganda but also in East Africa.

Kenya and Tanzania being the emediate neighbor should be extra vigilant to avoid the spread of this virus into their countries.

The virus which was first discovered in south Africa is believed to be severe that the delta and has a higher chances of hospitalization and can cause death.

The world health organization has taken keen interest on this virus and are working hard to study it, however they have advised people who are fully vaccinated to take the booster vaccines.

The virus found its way in Uganda after four people from south Africa and five Nigerians tested positive for the virus on arrival.

There is fear that many people who boarded the plane may have interacted with the nine patients and may have have also contracted the Omicron Virus.

The ministry of health should take keen interest on the people arriving in the country from the countries that have reported this cases to avoid importing the virus into the country.

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