JOKE: The journey of the Insane Man and the Motorcyclist


In a hot afternoon at 2 o'clock pm, a insane man came to a motorcycle park and all the motorcyclists did not notice the insane man's health condition. One of those motorcyclists asked the insane man to enter his motorcycle. Without hesitation, the insane man entered the motorcycle and he did not tell the motorcyclist where he will take him to. Even the motorcyclist did not ask the insane man where he will take him to, due to he had said earlier that he know where the insane man wanted to go.

But after two minutes the motorcyclist had carried the insane man from the motorcycle park, the motorcyclist told the insane man that he don't know where he will take him to. "Oga, I don't know where I go carry you go oh, Na because I wan carry passenger, na e make i talk say I know where you wan go. Abeg, where will I carry you go". The Motorcyclist said in vocabulary language as he explained why he said that he know where the insane man wanted to go. Furthermore, the motorcyclist also asked the insane man to tell him where he will take him to. However, the insane man did not say a word but he pointed straight for the motorcyclist to keep moving.

The insane man's direction did not make any sense, because the motorcyclist did not reach the insane man's destination for upto 18 minutes.

But after 20 minutes, the motorcyclist decided to drop the insane man on the road side and collect money for his fuel wasted. It did not work for the motorcyclist, because, the insane man did not have any money to pay him.

The motorcyclist hooked the insane man and attempted to engage a fight with him. But luckily, someone who know who the insane man was, then revealed the insane man's health condition to the motorcyclist and paid on behalf of the insane man. This is how the journey of the insane man and the motorcyclist ended.

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