Dr. Ofweneke: I Was Once a Matatu Tout in kibera


Dr. Ofweneke alias Sande Bush, a comedian with spontaneity, wit and tact has today made an intimate divulgence about his rise from humble beginnings in the poverty stricken slums of Kibera to become a comedy bigwig he is today.

Through a social media engagement moment with his fans, the inspiring father of three challenged the masses to disclose their first occupations with him taking the lead.

Ofweneke was upfront and stated that during his humble days he operated as a matatu tout for number eight Kibera passenger service vehicles, an opportunity that apparently enabled him to mingle with the lowly of all in the city's society.

Thereafter, he also got a short stint to work as a cyber cafe attendant in Nairobi

His challenge was welcomed enmasse with other reknown celebrities like Kalekye Mumo intimating that she was a receptionist at an architect firm among many others.

Over the years, God has been gracious to Sande to a point of seeing him secure his space in the crowded showbiz industry. His fabricated Nigerian accent is what makes him stand out from the rest of Kenyan comic actors.

Currently, Ofweneke has scaled higher to become a jack of all trades in his career. Apart from stand-up comedy, he is also a sought after MC for corporate gigs, a songwriter and a motivational speaker.

He is happily married to Christine with whom they have a kid. They welcomed their bundle of joy in 2020.

He also has other two kids from his failed marriage with gospel artiste Nicah the Queen which makes him a proud father of three.

Nicah the Queen and Ofweneke

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