Free Palestine: Solskjaer Defends Pogba And Diallo Over Raising Of Palestinian Flag


Photo: Amad Diallo and Paul Pogba displaying Palestinian flag at Old Trafford.

Manchester united duo Paul Pogba and Amad Diallo raised Palestinian flag after their match with Fulham at Old Trafford. The two were showing solidarity to the Palestinians over attacks from the Israel's defense forces.

In his post match press conference, Manchester united coach said " we have players from different backgrounds, different cultures, different countries and we need to respect their views of they differ with someone else's"

World leaders have been calling for a ceasefire between the two countries adding that many lives have been lost as a result, again thousands of people have been displaced and the economy is ruined.

Israel is on a revenge mission after being attacked by Palestinians militia group who are in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned Gaza that they were going to hit them hard.

How can these attacks from Israel be stopped?