Watch the video of Dineo Ranaka dancing over Metro FM furniture

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The video has been going viral since in the morning and it has lead the station to sacked Ranaka from her job, which has started to raise a lot of questions from many people on social media platforms who watched this video in the morning where they didn't like what they saw on it.

Her suspension came with a shock to many people who loves to listen to her show every day on the station, and it has caused a lot of division in the country of what could have happened if she could have followed the conduct of this station because every workplace has its own rules.

Ranaka has been causing a lot of drama in the past weeks where she came into a serious war with her family, which she might need support from during this difficult time after losing her job.

She is the sister of the well-known actor Manaka Ranaka who plays the role of Lucy in Generation the legacy.

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