How to make money as teenager.


Making money as a teenager.


Whether it’s a fast-food joint or a sit-down restaurant, food service establishments are almost always looking for help. You could work in the front as a cashier or host, bring food to guests as a server, or clean up afterward as a busser or dishwasher.

Perks include tips for some positions and discounted or free meals, depending on where you work. Keep in mind that hours can be odd, but child labour laws mean that you won’t have to work too late if you’re under 18.


What teen doesn’t love video games?! Did you know that you may even be able to get paid for playing video games? If you’re good at video games, people may be interested in watching videos or a live stream of you playing.

Set up an account at one of these online platforms to get started:

Building an audience can take time, but hey, you’re having fun playing video games anyway, right?


Whether you’re selling your stuff or other people’s stuff (with permission!), selling items is a great way to make quick cash as a teen and, in some cases, declutter a space, too.

These methods allow you to sharpen your salesmanship skills and help the environment, too, especially as people move toward buying used rather than new both to save money and to “save the trees.”