Reasons FG Should Intervene As Air Force Mistakenly Bombs Civilians in Another Borno Community

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According to reports, the Nigerian Air force has mistakenly bombed a community in Borno State, leading to the death of many Nigerians. The community is located at Lake Chad region of the state.

This incident happened on Sunday, and it was reported that about 20 people lost their lives to the cold hands of death as a result of this. This news has really caused a lot of reactions online and the question that remains unanswered is, why the incessant mistake by the Air force?

Photo credited: Vanguard news.

In my opinion, I think it is time for the federal government of Nigeria look into this issue. Here are my reasons for saying this:

The Mistake is costly: It is not new to anyone that this is not the first time the Air force have made such a mistake. And this mistake always claim lives and properties. I think this mistake is too costly to repeat itself in our society. The federal government should call the air Force to order. Let them seek other alternatives to fight against bandits, since the air strike is doing more harm than good. They are other good ways to fight bandits without risking the lives of the innocent citizens.

Photo credited: Naija loaded.

Civilians Safety: I think the safety of the civilians should be considered above every other thing. We all know that the Nigerian Air Force are fighting for the safety of the civilians, but their mistakes are also causing harm to the civilians. If this mistake continues, then the civilians will live in fear and might run anytime they see any military aircraft passing by.

I will suggest that the government should pay a visit to the families who got affected by this and also compensate them.

As a reader, what do you have to say about this?

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