China Finally Sets Record Straight On Kenya's Debt Just 34 Days To Uhuru's Retirement

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China has corrected the record regarding Kenya's debt to the Asian economic powerhouse.

In documents viewed by, the Chinese ambassador to Kenya, Zhou Pingjian, has stated that the government only owes China ten percent of its overall debt, stating that the rumors are false and intended to deceive Kenyans.

According to Zhou Pingjian, the major creditors of African nations such as Kenya include other Western investors, international financial organizations, and commercial debtors.

Mr. Zhou Pingjian noted that his country lends to Kenya and other African nations while adhering to rigid business customs and respecting their sovereignty.

He noted that China only offers assistance when requested by African authorities, such as Kenyan government officials.

He said that Asian nations have never put political conditions on debt deals, never compelled any African nation to take out loans, and never demanded that African nations pay their debts.

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