2 Reasons The Female Private Part May Smell Awful

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Among the things that occur in our body that most times we may never have knowledge of unless informed by a sincere friend includes an odour no matter which part of our body it exudes from. Be it the armpit or mouth.

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For the females, there is another part of the body that can exude quite some smell depending on the present condition of such body part which is their genitalia. Some of these smell are healthy but others are quite unhealthy and this article shall deal on what would provoke a fishlike smell from this part of the body.

Some chemicals are known to have distinctive odours. The one responsible for this odour from the genitalia is known as trimethylamine. It is often produced when a dead fish begins to decompose. When any genitalia starts to exude such an odour, then this same chemical is also present in it. 2 possible reasons for this chemical in the female private part include -

1. Bacteria vaginosis

This most times would occur when there is a growth of odorous anaerobic bacteria in the genitalia. Odorous is used to describe something that has a distinctive smell.

2. Trichomoniasis

Another reason for this condition is an STD known as trichomoniasis. It is caused by a parasite known as Trichomonas vaginalis. This infection can cause lead to production of this chemical from the private part causing such a smell to emanate from it.

Some of these causes of bad odour from the private part can be treated with antibiotics so it calls for no worries or depression. Once you realize this, from your private organ, all you need do is see your doctor. Some lab test may be conducted after which the right medication shall be issued unto you.

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