I Will Name My Child Judas Iscariot, He Was Good and Peter Was Rather Bad - Pastor tells Zion


Zion Felix has made a return on his YouTube Channel with an eye-opening but controversial interview with a pastor.

During the interview, the pastor nicknamed Ajaguraja made a series of controversial statements, the one standing out is that "Judas Iscariot was a good person and Peter was rather bad."

When asked by Zion why he holds this perception, the pastor replied by stating that He has carried out extensive research unlike the rest of these modern-day pastors. He reveals in the interview that Judas also had a gospel, and it is titled "The Gospel According to Judas".

Zion who was surprised and slightly doubted was then asked to google and check if what he said was a lie, Zion conducted the search and verified that truly such a Gospel existed.

The pastor then goes and continues his former statements of Judas being better than Peter. He gives the argument that indeed Judas carried out the betrayal however it was a scheme between all 12 disciples.

He adds that even Peter who believed himself to be very astute betrayed Jesus three times. He gave the analogy that if a lady cheats on you once compared to when a lady cheats on you three times which is more painful, and who would you trust less.

The pastor then went on to conclude that he is going to name his son Judas Iscariot.

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