Mutahi Ngunyi predicts what could happen to DP Ruto in the Mt Kenya polls in August.

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Mutahi Ngunyi, a leading political analyst, projected what would happen to Deputy President William Ruto in the Mount Kenya region before to the general election on August 9th.

Mutahi Ngunyi, a Mount Kenya inhabitant who supports Kenya's Azimio party, predicts that William Ruto, the Kikuyu community's presidential candidate, will quit his nation.

The good professor responded to William Ruto's derogatory remarks about "the day I almost beat Uhuru" by pointing out that Raila Odinga may win Uhuru Kenyatta's difficult race against Ruto. As a result, the Azimio leader may obtain greater Kikuyu community support than William Ruto.

He said that Ruto's voice was crystal clear, but there was some disagreement regarding who leaked it, with claims that Ruto's spies were to blame.

Ruto's banging on Uhuru may be heard. However, there is no video on it. Why? Who shot it? Was it Ruto, or were there spies among the Kikuyu elders? On August 9, it will be proven that the Kikuyu are still deceiving Ruto. I am quite happy to be a Kikuyu. Mutahi Ngunyi stated.

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