Can true love be found in 2021


I love you, is a short sentence that sounds sweet but it's may damage your entire life.

I love you, has caused so many people to become hopeless today. This sentence has been used in every societies to satisfy one's desire. I love you, has been used to wipe away so many truth today. This sentence sound sweet but it's dangerous. When you experience the deception of i love you. If anyone is telling you i love you, you won't believe if it's true or not. How can some one tells you that they love you and that same person take away your life, your joy, your happiness, your peace?

I am happy to hear that sentence but it's always use as opposite.

Some women used it to get money men while some men use it to abuse women.I love you is a word that comes with joy , hope, smile, happiness, peace, then why are we using it to hurt someone hurt.

Thanks to those who used i love you for the rightful purpose. If you have been misusing this sentence, now it is the time that you realise that it's a blessing to love. God you you. Please follow me for more enlightenment of the minds.