[Opinion] This is Newcastle United's best striker. These are his overall stats.

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Newcastle United is one of the most promising upcoming football teams in the EPL. The one player who keeps making headlines in this team is Allan Saint-Maximin. Let us look at his stats. Allan Saint-Maximin is a forward who is 24 years old, stands 173cm tall, and weighs 67kg. He has spent three seasons with his current club Newcastle United, appearing in 83 games and scoring 12 goals.


This season, how many goals has Allan Saint-Maximin scored?

Allan Saint-Maximin has scored five goals this season. In the national team, he has 0 goals. He scored 5 goals for the club ( Premier League, Capital One). This season, Allan Saint-Maximin has 3 assists, 2358 minutes of ice time, and 19 games in the first line. In club competitions, Allan Saint-Maximin averages 0.24 goals per game.


He scored three goals in 29 club outings last season, averaging 0.1 goals per game. Allan Saint-Maximin has a total of 28 shots for Newcastle United this season, with 17 of them being shots on goal. Allan Saint-Maximin has completed 77 percent of his passes.

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