"See" why Zuma opened a case against Zondo

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Former president JG Zuma does not seem to be happy with the recent developments in Zondo's commission as Zondo's report shows that Zuma's name appears to be in the forefront in the first part of the report, he suggests that all summonse.

This comes after Directives and decisions made by Zondo during his tenure as Chairperson of the Commission, were deemed invalid.

Tje former president JG Zuma opens a case by alleging that Zondo misused the legal provisions in his application to force him to testify before the commission.

Zuma said that this behavior when it comes to him, was biased.

He added that Zondo's conduct in the matter of his appearance before the commission needed to be challenged

Zuma said he do not want it to sound as is opposed to the investigation into allegations of corruption, in which his name is also involved.

ZUMA said he still believed that Zondo had a problem with him, which is why he refused and decided to step down as chairman when he applied to do so.

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