More Photos: Ghanaians React After Coming Across These Olden Days Entertaining Objects & Life Style

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Technology has improved the quality of lifestyle in this modern world but there are some Ghanaians who wish that things should have stayed the way they are some years back. The pictures in this article show some olden days games commonly played by most Ghanaians and some simple lifestyle activities.

1) The object below was commonly used by children in those days to play. They don't have a particular name for it but they used thread and bottle top to make this object. It was very common between 1994 and 2004. Children born after 2004 might not be familiar with how it is used.

To make it, you have to make two holes in the middle of the bottle and insert the thread.

2) In the olden days, children manufacture their own toy cars but these days parents buy them from malls and shop for their kids. Children manufacture toy cars using used milo tin, milk tin, and any empty can they come across. After that, they tie a rope to the front of the toy car and used it.

3) They call this one ball bearings. Some Ghanaians said that using it to play is very nice but the injuries that come with it can be dangerous. To use it, you sit on it and a friend pushes you on a smooth road.

4) Children in those days call this one 'car tyre'. Some used sticks and oil in their movements others also used their hands. The happiness that comes with it in those cannot be explained today.

5) This was known to some children as a homemade parachute. If they tie the wrapper or cloth on their back and begin to run around they feel they are flying like superman.

6) Some call this 'monkey eye seed'. You rob it on the ground, it becomes very hot and you placed it on your friend's cheek.

7) The Fantes call this 'Bo mframa'. Some used paper others used leaves. They placed a small stick in the middle and runs with it. It becomes like a fan.

8) This was a local whistle used by children in those days. You can put water into it and it will give you a different sound.

9) Locally manufactured 'high jump'. If you are not lucky and the block in front of it is not arranged well, you can easily slip and get hurt.

10) Goal post is the name given to it by some children in those days. Children still use it in this era.

Now check out some of the simple lifestyles that were producing sanity and decency in the olden days.

1) Decency dressing: Ladies in those days dress to cover their nakedness but cannot say the same for this technological world.

2) Not every house in those days have television. The only type of television in those days has a wooden case.

3) A lantern

4) Ice water

5) Blue band margarine

6) Boneshaker car

7) Videotape

8) Box iron

9) How ladies weave their hair

10) Slippers made from car tyre

11) Burner

12) Electric fan

13) A natural swimming pool.

Check out some of the reactions below:

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