8 Lessons you will probably learn the hard way

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1. If you need something you'll be easy to exploit. The most successful negotiators in business,life and love are those that want things but don't need them. Be a person that wants great things from life. Don't let people use you because you have needs, work smart and depend on yourself.

2. Any bad tenant that rents space in your head can be evicted without a notice period. Don't let negative people crowd your life and their words crowd your mind. Let things go and your life would be much easier.

3. The job, the party, the relationship and knowing when to leave is important. Learn when to walk away when things don't go the way you want. Sticking around for people who don't appreciate you and take away from your life is not good for your health. Walk away.

4. If it breaks your heart, it'll fix your vision. When something doesn't work learn from it. If a relationship isn't working, look for problems and try to fix them. Something breaking is a way to fix yourself and how you look at things.

5. Be humble enough to not let praise go to your head but proud enough to not let insults go to your heart. Taking things at heart will only hurt you there don't take things personally.

6. No response is a response. Learn to listen to it. When a person does not create time for you, catch on quickly and move on. Listen to what they say and think about you and think for yourself.

7. At any minute, someone can come along and change your life. That person is you. Don't wait for people to change your life.

8. You have to normalise admitting that you care. Acting like a don't care is self harm disguised as self defense. Let people in and form meaningful relationships with people.

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