God Will Judge You For Killing Them- Prophet Oduro


The Founder and Leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has exclaimed that evil doers will surely get punished before they perish, for the crimes they’ve committed against others. According to him, the murder of innocent lives and thievery will not miss the judgment of God, “even when the justices of the nation spares them.”

Prophet Oduro was speaking passionately about the gruesome murder of Mr. Chalres Korankye who was shot in a broad daylight robbery in Amanful a suburban community of Takoradi last Monday. He cried that the incident was meditated as the robbers shot right into the chest of the deceased.

He stressed that there is no way the perpetuators of that crime will go scot-free.

“Do we look like cowards? We are prepared to die for this gospel. The justices of this country can let you go but not the judgement and punishment of God” he stated emphatically.

He mentioned that the evidence at play does not seem to be a robbery but a planned murder of the man who had just returned from Switzerland to enjoy life from his toils. Prophet Oduro remarked that he is privy to some information about the murder of the man and feels the investigations must be thorough.

“It wasn’t that he was shot to be injured…no! It was shoot and kill, right in his chest. People toil their lives and raise some money, and you people just shoot them and rob them of their wealth.

“I am telling all those people, you will suffer before you perish in hell. I am telling you. God will judge you until he finishes you up. You will be amazed and shocked. When you ask they say its armed robbery?” he quizzed.

According to sources, the deceased and the wife had just returned from Switzerland to settle for good. They had just retired from the commercial banks with a few bank notes to pay for building materials at a site in Mpintsin, a peri-urban community of Sekondi-Takoradi.

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