Forget Alshabaab Vehicles, HereAre Photos Of Most Powerful Vehicles Used To Fight Alshabaab In Kenya

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A country is good at peaceful if there is no war at all,but at times war arise.Alshabaab has been attacking Kenya for many years killing many Kenyan citizens.Few weeks ago the Alshabaab attacked Lamu and living many people dead.

Some people were shot,burnt in the house and others hacked.The Kenyan government has tried to curb the frequent attack by purchasing certain vehicles that can be used by the kenyan military to fight the Alshabaab groups.

These vehicles are very powerful and expensive since they cost huge amount of money.The Kenyan security officers has tried their best to locate various points in the country that could be at risk of being attacked.

The Lamu county is more of disadvantaged because the presnce of Boni forest among other places that Alshabaab can be hiding.The vehicles bought can reach any point due to well situated wheels that are not slippery.The vehicles are also made of a bullet proof body that can resist any bullet reaching the soldiers inside it.

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