28 Year Old Man Burns His 30 Years Old Girlfriend With An Iron Over 7 Ghana Cedis- Angel Fm Reports


According to Angel Fm’s mid-day news dabbed “Orgasm News”, A 28-year-old man has burnt his 30 years old girlfriend for spending his 7 Ghana Cedis on food for herself and her child.

According to the news read by Kwadwo Dickson and Appiah Kobi, the 28 year old man who is known as Kwadwo Appiah is a painter turned second hands clothes seller because people were no longing painting their properties due to covid, left the house on one Sunday to go and sell his clothes as usual, but on that day, he did not leave money for his girlfriend, Grace.

And when he returned from the market, he found out that, the woman had sold one of the second-hand clothes and in his process of questioning her, he used a red hot iron on her face and body so that he tells him where the money is.

As of now, he is in police custody and the woman receiving treatment as the DOVSO department of the police service is preparing to take the case to court.

What do you think should be done to this man for doing such an act?

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