Meet "Martin Van Buren" The American President Who Never Speak English In His Regime.


It is very rare in this modern era to install someone who is not eligible to speak English as the head of a state, but Martin van Buren had already broke the history.

Known to his inability to speak English, Martin Van Buren is actually the most unknown American president of all time

He was a one term president famous for one thing and one thing only _ he was the first, last and the only president not to speak English as a first language.

He (Martin van Buren) could simply not speak English because he was born to a Dutch farther and mother, he also married a Dutch wife and had a bunch of Dutch children.

Other than these accomplishments, He was also remarkably known as the shortest dutch president, biggest presidential sideburns, least American of all American leaders, one term and after then,nothing.

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