Photos Of Obas Of Lagos State From 1901 Till Date

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Lagos is a very large State and it has Produced several Traditional Rulers. In this article, we will be looking at Obas of Lagos from 1901 till now.

See photos of Obas of Lagos from 1901 till date below

1. Oba Esugbayi Eleko

In 1901, Oba Esugbayi Succeeded his brother Oba Oyekan as the new Oba of Lagos State, his reign was not in line with the Laws of his people, and he was sent on exile but he later returned from exile in 1931.

2. Oba Ibikunle-Akitoye

After Oba Esugbayi was sent on exile, in 1925, Oba Ibikunle Akitoye became the new Oba of Lagos State, Oba Ibikunle was the first Christian to become Oba of Lagos. He died in 1928.

3. Oba Sanusi-Olusi

In 1928, Oba Ibikunle's cousin "Sanusi Olusi" was appointed to become the Oba after him, he was the first Muslim to become Oba of Lagos State, but he stepped down when Oba Esugbayi returned from exile in 1931.

4. Oba Falolu

In 1932, Oba Falolu became the Oba of Lagos, he ruled until 1949, although some of the elders wanted Oba Sanusi to take over because he stepped down for Oba Esugbayi.

5. Oba Adeniji Adele

In 1949, Oba Musendiku Adeniji Adele Ascended the throne as the Oba of Lagos State, and ruled until 1964.

6.Oba Adeyinka Oyekan II

In 1965, Oba Adeyinka Oyekan II was enthroned as the Oba of Lagos State, before his enthronement he was a Pharmacist, He died in 2003.

7. Oba Rilwan-Akiolu

In 2003, Oba Rilwan Aremu Akiolu became the Oba of Lagos and he is currently the Oba of Lagos till date.

What do you have to say about the previous and current Obas of Lagos State?

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