If Not Wanting To Show Up At Your Own Funeral Was A Person, Mzansi Reacts To This

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Many ordinary members of the public are concerned about a coffin that seems to have been left off on the road, and this is something which has caused many individuals to be very concerned about the circumstances which led to this incident.

It is quite clear that the driver of this vehicle didn't really see the end result of this incident, and basically was reticent about the whole thing.

Now people have been pouring onto social media and have been making suggestions as to what really happened in this incident, with some people taking the whole incident very lightly and basically making jokes about what happened in this incident.

At the moment it has not been revealed if the coffin had a body inside or anything like that but of course as ordinary members of the public who have a wild imagination we chose to believe it, and it could be true that there is a body inside that coffin but no one was brave enough to go in and look.


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