What Duduzane Zuma Was Seen Doing Impressed A Lot Of People

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At the current moment in South Africa, it remains a mystery to see who will emerge as the next president of South Aftica when the next elections come around, that not being very far.

Amongst the rumoured candidates to push for a place as the president of the country is the son of former South African president Jacob Zuma and he surely knows his way around that when it comes to winning the hearts of the people. 

A recent video of Duduzane spending time with schoolchildren has been doing its rounds, solidifying his status as an influential leader The people of Mzansi love the work Duduzane is doing and have no doubt in his ability to make change happen. 

This will surely send spine chills on current president Cyril Ramaphosa who is under a a lot of scrutiny for his business affairs. One could say that Duduzane has started campaigning for the office of presidency. 

Do you think Duduzane can Take South Africa forward? See some of reactions from people :

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