Popular Ghanaian Slay Queen Showing Massive Love And Care To Kid


Most female celebrities in the entertainment industry are not used to posting photos of themselves together with a baby. Very few including Abena Cilla is confident in doing so.

Abena Cilla posted photos of herself and a baby not long ago and this has caused massive reactions online. The photos displayed Abena Cilla going on her knees to care for the baby. Most of her fans were much concerned about the voluptuous backside she displayed whilst on her knees.

She is well known for her 100% confidence in flaunting her humongous backside online. She has amassed over 300k followers on Instagram alone. Abena Cilla is one of the most popular fashion models in Ghana recently.

Check out some of the most admired pictures of Abena Cilla.

Abena Cilla is been described by some news sites as beddable, sexy, hot, alluring, slinky, sexually attractive, etc.

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