If You Can't Control Your Laughter, Don't View These Funny Jokes And Pictures


1. Dear ladies if your boyfriend doesn’t reply you immediately when you text… Just know he is either sleeping or reading the bible.. MEN DON’T CHEAT. 

2. Small Apple Is Now #100.. Something The Serpent Gave Eve For Free

3. No matter how bad you are, you’re not useless. You can still be used as a bad example.

4. When am bored I call MTN customer care and ask why my phone isn’t charging… 

5. Dating A Slim Guy is very Sexy and Romantic, until Breeze blows him away from the Relationship...

6. You would know you are watching a Nigerian movie when it says "35yrs later "but the dog in the yard is still alive.

7. Some African Parents will be like ‘I will not place curse on you, but whatever you do to me your children will do you same. Is this one a proclamation or a declaration??

8. Everyone has a right to be foolish but some idiots use it stupidly.

Teacher: Mention 10 wild animals

Me: 5lions. 5tigers. . . . . .

9. I was badly beaten by a woman in an elevator today. I was staring at her boobs then she said, "Would you please press one?" I thought she was talking ABOUT HER BOOBS

She nearly killed me after i pressed her left Boobs.

10. My mom entered my room and saw me asleep. She held my head, slapped me and said to me “Your last seen on whatsapp was 1minute ago, stand up and go buy me bread”

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