Safe exercise that help you stay healthy during bed rest

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Bed rest during pregnancy can be physically and mentally exhausting. You can quickly lose strength, stamina, and flexibility, leaving you tired and unable to complete daily duties.

You may undertake gentle workouts that will enhance circulation, stamina, mobility, flexibility, reduce strength loss, and assist prevent pain and stiffness without leaving your sofa or bed. These easy movements when combined with deep breathing will help you feel better.

Here are safe exercises to do while on bed rest

1 Kegels

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Draw the muscles that surround your vagina up to your belly button like an elevator, tightening them as if you are preventing the flow of urine, do not compress your buttocks. Hold for 10 seconds while breathing normally, then release slowly then repeat for 10-20 times more times.

2 Chest and shoulders opener

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Open your elbows wide and lace your fingers behind your head. Sit tall and lean back slightly, elevating your chest while inhaling deeply until your ribcage expands. Draw your elbows down toward your knees and relax as you exhale. Start with five repetitions and work your way up to ten.

3 Lower legs mobility

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Pull your abs in and stretch your legs out in front of you. Roll your ankles 10 times in a clockwise motion, then swap directions. Flex your feet and point your toes toward your knees next. Rep 10 times more.

4 Ribcage breathing

Spread your fingers wide along your ribs as you grasp your upper torso. Deeply inhale through your nose and do a Kegel by exhaling through your lips while slowly drawing your belly button in.

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