Kanze Dena Aging Gracefully


Media personality Kanze Dena has made people to react to her pictures. This was after she posted pictures of her dancing. People have commented saying that she is aging like fine wine.

Kanze Dena is the state house spokesperson who used to be news anchor. The photos that she posted were from a friend's party that she had attended.

In the photos she looked happy and enjoying herself. It is also worth noting that some people commented on how much they miss seeing her as a news anchor. Various people commented on her post many of them praising her for her good heart.

Kanze is a good person who is cherished by many. In the post she wrote ''A night to REMEMBER!! Lots of laughter..plenty of food and dance sha! (Naija accent) Celebration of a phenomenal woman...

The most interesting comment was from madam Susan.

MADAM SUSAN.A woman with a big heart and mama kali as well! Pushing us to do better with each assignment. MADAM...you making 50 look FIERY and FANTABULOUS!! Twakuombea mema na maisha marefu!!"

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