Priscilla Ojo And 2 Other Celebrities Below 25 Who Bought Car For Themselves

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The social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and even Opera News hub has provided a way for young people to earn a living, here are some celebrites below 25years who bought cars for themselves.

1. Priscilla Ojo

The 20-years-old actress, model, YouTuber and brand/social media influencer, bought a Mercedes Benz for herself late last year. See photos

Source (photo): Instagram

2. Amarachi Amusi

Ashmusy as she is populary called is a 25years old Nigerian actress, comedienne, entrepreneur, social media influencer and content creator. She is popular for featuring in several comedy series. Ashmusy bought a Lexus for herself early this year, see photos

Source (photo): Google

3. Papaya_x

Source (photo): Instagram

Papaya_x is also called Arab money, the 23-years-old brand/social media influencer bought a Lexus for herself when she celebrated her birthday. See photos,

She’s one of the under 30 most influential Nigerian influencer in the Nigerian twitter space.

Photo Credit: Google/Instagram

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