5 warning signs of prostate cancer


1. Blood in the urine

Although this is also a sign of kidney stones and bladder infections. Seek medical attention if you notice it.

2. Bladder control

Loss of bladder or bowel control is a warning sign. The urine stream may also be weak.

3. Pain

Although this symptom also can indicate a bladder infection. Men with prostate cancer might notice pain or burning while urinating.

4. Painful ejaculation

Men with prostate cancer might find ejaculation painful.


Having trouble getting and maintaining an erection could be a sign of cancer. There might be other causes, but this is also a sign of prostate cancer.

If you have any of the above mentioned symptoms, go seek medical attention before it is too late. It might be something else, but it's worth getting checked out. Don't wait until things get worse. The earlier the better for you to get treatment.

Source: https://www.pcf.org/about-prostate-cancer/what-is-prostate-cancer/prostate-cancer-symptoms-signs/

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