Mum weighs her newborn baby on M&S veg scales because clinics are closed due to Covid

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Many parts of our lives have changed as a result of the epidemic, but none more so than those who became parents during these terrible times, as we all know all too well.

It's no secret that the last 18 months have been extremely challenging for new parents, who have been forced to give birth alone and have missed numerous face-to-face appointments.

In fact, many new parents are frustrated by the fact that they are missing out on simple things like frequent weigh-ins for their newborns, which led one mother to turn to shop scales.

Tasha Moss was out shopping in her local Marks and Spencer in Reading, Berkshire, when she came across the weighing scales in the produce section.

After missing out on getting her 10-week-old baby Freddie-Jay Moss weighed owing to the pandemic, she couldn't quite resist the impulse to put the newborn on the scales.

Tasha explained, "We were just walking through the fruit and vegetable aisle." "I was holding Freddie and had just finished feeding him when I noticed the scales. 'Shall we quickly weigh him?' I asked. I haven't had him weighed in a long time, and while it's clearly not as exact as digital scales, it gives me a rough estimate of how much he weighs now."

So, while carefully cradling and supporting Freddie-neck, Jay's the 32-year-old disinfected the tray with an antibacterial wipe and popped him in. She snatched him out a few seconds later, overjoyed to finally know how much he weighed.

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