Male Kenyan celebrities who wear dresses as a form of entertainment.

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Being a content creator is not as easy a job as it is perceived. Many people think that only with talent and the cameras you are good to go. However, it requires creativity, consistency, and hard work. Among all these values, creativity is the core. They have been this trend where male digital creators assume female roles and even wear dresses to capture the audience's attention. I can truly attest that these tricks work for many. Some of which are;

Official Kinuthia

He goes by that name on Tiktok and Instagram. He is one of the growing influencers. Kinuthia became a talk of the town recently after he was accused of eating someone's fare worth Ksh.344,000. He mostly does his short videos while dressed in a female cloth.

Flaqo 411

He is one of the funniest comedians in the country. Flaqo players different roles in his skit but the most liked one is that of " Mama Otis". To portray this character clearly, he also clothes like a woman.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is a household name from his days at Churchill Show to now as the self-proclaimed President Of Comedy in Africa. He is the creative mind behind several TV adverts. Wearing female clothes is not new to Omondi. He even wears make-up to boost his appearance and he is indeed a perfect member.

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