Government to enroll all NABCO persons on the YouStart programme.

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The government of Ghana has made his intentions known concerning the NABCO persons.

NABCO was brought by government to train fresh graduates so that they can get some level of working experience in the job market. The programme ended last year but government extended it one year more. Initially, there were promises from Government that NABCO persons will attain full employment in the government sector but things have changed now.

The government is planning to enrol all NABCO persons on the YouStart program so that they can start their own businesses. A post from the presidency reads that "Government has been clear that for NABCO persons, they are going to be rolled on the Youstart programme which is aimed at ensuring that they have capital and technical support to start up their own businesses."

I think the Youstart will help the NABCO persons to be innovative and also be their own bosses.


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