EndSars Memorial; How Car Procession May Prevent Thugs From Hijacking The Protest

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Whoever proposed the car procession method of protest for the EndSars Memorial should be applauded for doing a good job. Judging from the News so far, the car procession has turned out to be one of the effective ways to carry out a peaceful protest in Nigeria.

What does car procession mean?

Car procession means a number of vehicles moving forward in an orderly fashion. However, the meaning of car procession with regard to the EndSars 1 year memorial peaceful protest is that all protesters must be inside moving cars while carrying out their protests. This means that no peaceful protester should be seen walking in the street while protesting, you must be inside a car, bus or any type of vehicle.

How does the car procession prevent thugs from hijacking the protest?

A year ago, some thugs hijacked the first EndSars protest across Nigeria. Some people lost their lives and many others were injured. The thugs turned the peaceful protest into a riot. Their actions really affected the purpose of the protest, and it had to end abruptly. In a report made a year ago during the EndSars protest, 3 people were killed in Ibadan after thugs hijacked the EndSars protest. Many people were also injured in Lagos after thugs came in large numbers to attack the protesters.

However, with the car procession method of protest, thugs may find it difficult to attack peaceful protesters because these protesters are inside moving vehicles. Also, these vehicles move from one location to another, and this will make it extremely difficult for any thug to attack the protesters.

More so, many people now know about the car procession, so if you are not inside a car protesting, you are definitely not a peaceful protester. Therefore, anyone who attacks another innocent Nigerian during the protest will be identified as a thug and not a peaceful protester. This clearly differentiates peaceful protesters from thugs and also prevent thugs from having an advantage of hijacking the protest.

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