Men, here is how to wear your favorite Ankara styles with sneakers


Ankara meets modern is one of the largest fashion trends going on in Africa. It simply involved renovating modern styles with the traditional clothing material called Ankara. Nowadays, we have several modern styles being made with Ankara but another way to try the Ankara meets modern trend is to style Ankara clothes with modern shoes.

Nowadays, we have Ankara matched with doc martens, high heels for women, colourful sneakers etc. In this article, we will be focusing mainly on Ankara meets white sneakers. Why white sneakers? This is mainly because white is such a versatile colour. It is well known that white matches almost every style and pattern and because Ankara is usually with so many different colours and so many different patterns all at once, white shoes are easily the best colour to use.

Why sneakers? they are quite comfortable to wear and also are very easy to style. In other words, they can go well with almost every clothing style you can think of. It would be much easier for you to style your outfit with a pair of sneakers than with a pair of combat boots like doc martens. Certain shoes also require a level of confidence to wear and as sneakers are almost everyday shoes in Nigeria, they are easily the first choice. You can wear high tops or lol sneakers to match your outfit.

Styling complex Ankara with a plain white pair of sneakers really improves the look of a basic outfit. It can add a bit of confidence to the wearer and gives the sense of a well developed sense of style. It can also give the illusion of a hard to put together outfit which can make you look more prepared although all you did was wear a pair of sneakers with your favorite Ankara top and trousers.

Although we focused mainly on white sneakers, here is a good example of styling Ankara with a pair of low black sneakers. This works well because back is also a very easy colour to style. It really helps that there is less patterns and colour in the mans outfit and more of black.

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