The Dep Minister of Basic Education visited KZN on Wednesday and had this today

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DM Dr R.Mhaule

The Deputy Minister of Basic Education Dr Reginah Mhaule paid a visit to Kwa-Zulu Natal as part of the monitoring exercise . Dr Mhaule was in Piretermaritzburg to assess the readiness of the schools this year .

This visit came at a time when the province was trying to recover from the storms and floods that hit them between December and January . When the Minister was asked to talk about the situation on the ground as more than 186 schools had been damaged by the storms .She was also asked the type assistance that would be rendered to the province .

MEC K.Mshengu and DM Dr R.Mhaule

Dr Mhaule said that the purpose of the visit was to conduct observation in the province following information that the province was hit with storms and floods .She said that she was pleased with the fact that most of the schools were back and ready to go despite the fact that many were damaged .

The Deputy went on and informed that there were forty-one schools that were affected by storms from where she had visited .It was added that the learners and teachers were back in school .The Deputy Minister went on and expressed gratitude at the work that was implemented by the province towards ensuring that schools reopened .

She said that the school was proactive and made sure that no school was left behind .The Deputy Minister went on and said that in the district of Mgungundlovu , there were ten schools that did not open as a result of some issues .

The tensions between the tribal leaders reportedly led to eleven schools not to be opened on the 19th of January 2022 .The issue was reported to the department of Cogta according to the Deputy Minister so that there is a solution to the tensions that forced schools not to reopen .


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