Blogger Alai Warn Tanzanians of Suluhu Being no Different From Magufuli Due to Tight Security Detail


Controversial Kenyan blogger Robert Alai has put Tanzanians on notice over their president Samia Suluhu due to her tight security detail everywhere.

Sharing photos showing the female president with her security, Alai informs them that she is no different from her predecessor John Pombe Magufuli who succumbed to illness.He further notes that she would kill as vicious as Magufuli did.

"Such a level of vigilance and need for security around @SuluhuSamia should inform Tanzanians that she is not different from Magufuli. She'll kill and be as vicious as her predecessor. You don't need such if you are for open engagement,"he posted.

Alai alleges this just months after Suluhu assuming office as the first female president in East Africa.She was sworn in after Magufuli's sudden demise in their second term in office.

After the swearing in, people from all corners of the world praised her on her new role with majority of them expecting her to be different from Magufuli.