Kisii Residents in Trouble as KPLC Electric Post Breaks

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It seems trouble is looming for Kisii residents after an electric broke in the middle. The Residents in Boruma are now crying foul and calling out to The Kenya Power and Lighting Company to come and fix the loosely-hanging power lines.

According to Citizen Digital, The Local revealed that the state of the electric power grid has been in that scenario almost one week.

And with the August general elections just around the corner, we are still waiting to see if the local government or the political aspirants looking to replace the current regime will answer the pleas of the people and try to fix the impeding danger.

Moreso, the Riakegesa market is also said to be a buzzing business center and locals are prone to being electrified by the hanging lines.

Therefore, what are your thoughts on this matter? Leave a comment, let's keep the discussion going.

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