'Stivo simple boy is being misused by the management' his girlfriend says in an interview.

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Stivo simple boy is a Kenyan rapper who was popularly know to many when released the song mihadarati.Which was mainly focuses on sociatal issues affecting the young people in the community.

The musician has a girlfriend by the name purity Vishenwa who they live together but she does enjoy the fruits of her husband hardwork and also her husband also does enjoy the same. 

In the interview she says that Stivo simple boy is being controlled by the management .When he goes out to perform most of the many he gets goes to the management and he receives a token.

The woman say that the musician does have his own you tube channel and when she tell him to have one the management is against that.She says she has witnessed Stivo simple earning 150k in a show and he was only paid 7k and also in an advertisement where he earned 120k by he was only given 4k.

This show that Stive simple boy is being used and does enjoy the fruits of his success.She also added that when he asks for a phone or clothes the management buys for him.

The video of the interview is in the link below.


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